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Our expertise can be applied in many sectors and industries. We have a wide base of clients that spans the GTA. These clients come from a variety of backgrounds. At HOMElectrical, we have experience working in residential buildings like houses and condominiums; commercial buildings like shops, restaurants, and office complexes; and in the industrial sector. 


Our Promises

We carry out all our projects with a focus on professionalism. Quality is the key to our work. Our electricians are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.  All our work is geared towards meeting your strict requirement. The applications to which our expertise can be directed include:


We prioritize safety at all time. We follow protocols and ensure the work environment is safe. 


We are able to diagnose problems, identify sollutions, and implement effevctive fixes. 


We are meticulous in our work, ensuring that everything is installed and connected correctly

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